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Always delicious and piping hot.

Andrew, 19 Sep 2020

Banging takeaway

Beth, 01 Sep 2020

Always lovely, great point system as we order every week, missing points from previous orders but they are always so good ensuring they fulfil our order correctly

Rachel Jones, 29 Aug 2020

Good morning, I am emailing you today to enquire about a discount opportunity for Cardiff Medical Society – the largest student society at Cardiff University with over 1700 members of medical students for your store in Cardiff We are passionate to support local businesses in Cardiff and by having an exclusive deal with yourselves, we would be able to significantly contribute to your revenue and increase the number of returning customers! We would also be able to support you by promoting and announcing your services on our vast social media (Facebook, messenger year group chats, Instagram, twitter) + regular newsletters on our mailing list to all members throughout the year as well as a shout out in our induction talks for all year groups (300+ in each year). To ensure that this deal is only used by our members, they would present to you a Medsoc membership discount e-card which we will shortly send you an example of, as well as their student ID card if required. We would love for you to display in your store that you have a deal with us, which would be of benefit as members walk past as it will help to prompt recognition of the discount they can get with you! If you would be interested in entering this mutually beneficial relationship with us, we would love for you to fill in some available discount options into the form below that you’d be willing to offer: sponsePage.aspx?id=MEu3vWiVVki9vw Z1l3j8vJ1y1ODpRZJNgvIvhD0RQixUMFo 1Mlg2NTFITUtWV0RINEZUSVZKREJKUCQl QCN0PWcu In previous years, for example, we have had with you 10% off wraps, pizzas and main courses I would be more than happy to arrange a call with you to discuss options further before doing so if you would like as well. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you. I would be grateful if I could hear a decision from you within the next 10 working days. Regards, Ellen Nelson-Rowe Membership officer, Cardiff MedSoc

Ellen Nelsonrowe, 23 Aug 2020

Always beautiful!! Superb service always!!

Rachel, 01 Aug 2020

I have been ordering fattoush weekly since the lockdown. Fantastic value for money! Very very very tasty food!! And the delivery driver is absolutely fantastic!! What a legend.

Aled, 30 Jul 2020

Fantastic meal, was ready on time, delicious food!

Aj, 25 Jul 2020

Always super nice, keep doing what you're doing!

Balazs, 24 Jul 2020

Great service, lovely food will order agiain.

Owen, 19 Jul 2020

Had it for the first time last week and im already ordering my second meal from here as food is absolutely stunning

Darren, 07 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thanks for your order Darren, we are very glad you liked the food hope you enjoyed your second order too?

Always beautiful food, amazing customer service, we order every week!!

Rachel, 20 Jun 2020

Excellent website for ordering. Super quick delivery. Delicious food. What more is needed? Brilliant

Sara, 09 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thank your feedback. Thank you for ordering, we are pleased you enjoyed your meal and happy with the delivery. :)

Amazing food as always!

Michelle, 29 May 2020

The driver had patients to take food to other places for the customer. He is so nice.

Zeyue, 28 May 2020


Stephanie, 16 May 2020

Amazing food every single time very pleased with the services

Lloyd, 09 May 2020

The delivery person was very patient.

Zeyue, 06 May 2020

Lovely food! Usually have Chinese or curry so it’s a lovely change!!!

Kerry, 02 May 2020

Very nice food.

Mohammed, 01 May 2020

It's the third valuable food experience. Thank you.

Zeyue, 26 Apr 2020

Exactly as expected! Yum.

Carin Stenbeck, 18 Apr 2020

We always have an excellent experience when we order with Fattoush. Our most recent takeaway was during this lockdown and it was excellent as always.

Sian, 14 Apr 2020

It's a quicker time to get delivered food.

Zeyue, 11 Apr 2020

Always lovely!

Rachel, 11 Apr 2020

Love the take away but your app no longer works for me

Unity, 09 Apr 2020

It's a fantastic experience to order food from Fattoush.

Zeyue, 07 Apr 2020